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New Works in Progress

Classiq Antiqs - A cartoon series of three volumes by Wozie based on ancient Rome. This series of cartoons deals with the antics of ancient people in Rome and show how people have not changed at all. There are several well defined characters and personalities who add to the funny situations found in the comic series. Bleppo is the main character who is an educated Etruscan, the remnant of who still survives in ancient Rome. It is known from real history that there were still Etruscans in Rome who were utilized as doctors , teachers, philosophers, and historians. The Emperor Claudius no doubt got information from Etruscans who served in his Empire. Bleppo plays his role of many hats quite well. He is a Philosopher, Teacher, Orator, and Psychologist, His best friend is a red headed Greek whose name is Arispittle. Probiscus is a long nosed Senator always prying into other people's business and carrying tales back to the Emperor's son Gulagula, head of Rome's prisons. Then there is Senator Worripus Wartus is always worrying and with just cause. There is a Jewish Rabbi and an Arab merchant who are the best of friends. Other characters are Pompus the head of the Roman Praetorian Guard, Sophie, Bleppo's Greek wife, and the Egyptian PTater Ptut Mese, Blimpus, an over weight jovial Senator, and the funniest of all we see the great prophetess idol called Sybil in her temple giving advice and prophecies concerning the other characters.

Darda of God - By Hope Wozniak. This book will be dealing with the historical person mentioned both in Biblical History and so called Secular history. It will show historically, Biblically, archeologically, geographically and Linguistically the roots for the royalty of the monarchs of Europe back through ancient Troy and to the Tribes of Jacob. More information about this study can be found on the menu on the home page. Pictures and maps will be included.

The Tabernacle and its Relationship to the Church of the New Testament. By Hope Wozniak. This is a vast and interesting study on the types and anti types found in the Old Testament and the New Testament. It is a word study as well as a Biblical study of worship regarding the Tabernacle and the Temple described in the Bible and the anti types as seen in the New Testament. This book will be highly illustrated by the cartoonist and artist Wozie.

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