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Darda's Founder/Owner


Hope Wozniak, the founder and owner of Darda Publishing, has had a lengthy and distinguished career and has worn many hats during that time. Having been born in Elmwood Place, a small suburb in Cincinnati, she was able to have an understanding of a hometown atmosphere, besides having a big city academic background.

Her first interest in the ANE (Ancient Near East) was realized when her grandfather sat her on his knee and taught her Biblical stories such as Daniel in the Lion's Den. This made a deep impression on her and sparked an interest in lions and the ancient civilizations of the Bible. She was baptized into Christ at the age of 9 years under the tutelage of her grandfather. She has always desired to serve her Lord throughout her life.

Having a well rounded education in grade school, junior high and high school, and working in a factory for two years, she went on to Kentucky Christian College (now Kentucky Christian University) for her undergraduate work. There she majored in Bible with an emphasis on the New Testament. She also minored in music and history.

While employed for the Hamilton County Welfare Department as a social worker for about 9 years, she began to work on her Master's degree at Cincinnati Bible Seminary (now Cincinnati Christian University) while being active in her local home church. She began studying Biblical Hebrew and took many Old Testament classes. Because of this, her interest grew in the Ancient Near East. She started studying conversational Hebrew. After going on a Bible Lands tour, she made plans to live in Israel for a year to do additional work in Hebrew and Jewish and Biblical studies and to tour the land of Abraham and Jesus.

There she met her former spouse, who was working on a Ph.D. with Dropsie College. She later also enrolled in Dropsie to continue her education in ANE studies in a PH.D. program. Dropsie was a prestigious school that trained many conservative Christian scholars such as Charles Pheiffer, E.J. Young, and Douglas Young to name a few. Not able to complete the degree because of lack of finances, she has continued her education privately. She hopes to complete the Ph.D. eventually and is exploring those plans.

She has served her God in the areas of teaching on a college level (History, Bible, Hebrew and Jewish Studies). She has worked in pre-schools and started two of them and was director, teacher and curriculum developer of these two private schools. She has taught every level in the Church Sunday School environment. She has had many vast experiences and is gifted in the areas of art and music.

Wozniak has presented many slide presentations of a Biblical nature, including studies on the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Canon of the Scriptures and slide programs of Israel. She also has done programs on The Messiah in the Passover and on the Tabernacle and its institutions. She is developing all her programs into powerpoint format and hopes to author some books on her extensive research over the past 30 plus years.

She has learned that her genealogy literally can be traced back to the remote Ancient Near East. On her maternal grandmother's side, her genealogy goes back to William the Conqueror, Charlemagne, Charles Martel, Pepin, the Merovingians, and all the way to Troy, and even to the Bible through Darda and to Zerah, one of the twins of Judah by Tamar. Therefore, Darda is the name she used for her publishing company.

Because of her interest in the ANE and education and being a bibliophile, she began Darda Publishing Company to write her own books about the ANE. This idea was expanded to advertise and promote the works of others on her Darda website.

Wozniak has many interests from psychology, astronomy, physics, and linguistics, to Biblical archeology, geography, ancient and medieval history, the history of WW2, Hebrew and other ancient languages. She has written many songs both sacred and secular. She has traveled to Rome, Greece, Egypt and Israel. She is artistic and enjoys making crafts of all kinds. She is an old movie buff and enjoys going to concerts, and listening to music, especially jazz. The Stan Kenton Band is her favorite jazz big band.

Hope Wozniak literally means "Hope Carrier", and she hopes to be able to carry the hope of the Messiah to all.

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