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Darda Books: Tikvah Loves Gary


TIKVAH LOVES GARY by Wozie, a new cartoonist, with a new twist to humor. In fact, very twisted ..........

TIKVAH LOVES GARY -- a very funny cartoon book of unrequited love. ... How unrequited love could ever be funny remains to be seen ... But this is a very funny book you don't want to miss! Tikvah is always "hoping" and poor Gary, just isn't interested WHATSOEVER!

It will be hard for you to decide which of the characters you will be rooting for in this saga of Tikvah and Gary.

You will LOVE this book as much as "Tikvah Loves Gary!"

Listed as #1 among Lulu's top 100 humor books.
5 STAR rating on Lulu!

Comments --

* "Two intellectuals who are nuttier than fruitcakes."

* "It is really funny."

* "I laughed out loud many times at this humorous book of cartoons. Worth the money!"

* "We can ALL use some laughs today and this is ONE place you'll find lots of laughs!!!"

* "This book borders on SICK but that's what makes it so hilarious."

* "Wozie at her best!!"

* "Will Gary ever love Tikvah in return? That's the big question!"

* "Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha, Hee Hee Hee Ha Ha!"

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TIKVAH LOVES GARY in paperback.

Howard Galgonov enjoying Tikvah Loves Gary.

* "Worth ten times its price." ... Howard Galganov

* "If I said it was good or even very good, I would be lying. It is GREAT !" ... Howard Galganov.


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