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The Unveiling of Marriage in Saudi Arabia:
A Stunning Self-Portrait of a Secret Society
Edited by Ray Roberts

Vol. 1. Maidens, Matchmakers, and Matrimony, 373 pages

Vol. 2 Secret Spouses, Dependents, and Domestic Distress, 412 pages

Vol. 3. Divorce, Desperation, and Dramatic Developments, 286 pages

Available in Hardback or Softcover
Published by Mideast Publishing

Biography of the Editor:

Ray Roberts is a language specialist who has lived and worked primarily in Saudi Arabia since the 1980s. Having earned three degrees and approximately 400 semester credits from U.S. regionally accredited universities, his Ph.D. work (ABD) is a comprehensive, interdepartmental, academic program of three areas supported by ninety-three semester credits in Near Eastern Studies from the University of Pennsylvania.

Ray has acquired teaching certification in several subjects and hold life-time certification to teach in American public schools. He has been on the staff of schools, colleges, universities, and specialized training programs in the U.S., the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and two other countries in the Middle East, including the graduate school of the college of medicine for a prominent Middle Eastern university.

Having major fields in foreign languages, sociology, world religions, and other areas in social sciences and the humanities, the editor has a particular interest in the past and present cultures of the Middle East and the Mediterranean World.

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