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About the Author:

James E. Smith earned his A.B., Th.B. and M.Div. degrees from Cincinnati Christian University; his Ph.D. degree from Hebrew Union College--Jewish Institute of Religion. Dr. Smith retired after thirty years of teaching as Distinguished Professor of Bible at Florida Christian College.

Unless otherwise indicated, all books are available from stores.lulu.com/docjesmith

New Testament Commentary (verse-by-verse)
Behold! The Revelation of Jesus Christ (Book of Revelation)

Teacherís Commentary Series (verse-by-verse). Designed to aid the preacher/teacher in teaching through the epistles of the New Testament.
Ecclesia Epistles (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians)
Encounter Epistles (1 & 2 Corinthians)
Evangelical Epistles (Romans & Galatians)
General Epistles (1 & 2 Peter; 1, 2 & 3 John; Jude)
Hebrew-Christian Epistles (Hebrews & James)

Old Testament Commentaries (verse-by-verse)
Biblical Protology (Genesis 1-11)
Daniel: A Christian Interpretation
Ezekiel: A Christian Interpretation
Hosea and Amos: A Christian Interpretation
Isaiah: A Christian Interpretation
Jeremiah: A Christian Interpretation
Postexilic Prophets
(Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi)

Made Simple Series: These volumes are for those just beginning biblical studies or for Sunday School classes or small groups.

Bible History Made Simple: Bible history is broken down into seventeen periods with key characters, events and teaching. Available from CollegePress.com.

Old Testament Books Made Simple: Basic information about each book in the Old Testament and how it relates to our Christian faith. Available from CollegePress.com.

New Testament Books Made Simple. Basic information about each book in the New Testament and a synopsis of what God wants us to learn from each book. Available from CollegePress.com.

Book of Acts Made Simple: The first twelve chapters of the Book of Acts broken down in lessons for class study.

Jesusí Life Made Simple: All the events, miracles, sermons, & prayers of Jesus in chronological order with suggests for a variety of ways of teaching the life of our Lord.

Paulís Life Made Simple: Acts 13-28 organized for class study and discussion.

Godís Church Made Simple: Each chapter develops one of the numerous metaphors for the church found in the New Testament.

Theological/Hermeneutical Studies

Biblical Prophetism: an overview of the history of the prophetic movement in Israel. Also includes essays on key issues in prophetic studies and chapters on prophetism in the New Testament and Jesus as a prophet.

Dictionary of Figures in the Book of Revelation: Figures of speech and symbols in the Book of Revelation are arranged alphabetically. Under each the Old Testament background is explored. A tool for the do-it-yourself interpreter of this great book.

Godís Law Our Compass: Each of the Ten Commandments is explored in depth along with all other laws related to each commandment. Chapters on divorce, sexual misconduct, gambling, abortion, and other ethical issues. An introductory chapter surveys various approaches to the law/gospel issue with an attempt to move the discussion in a new direction.

What Does the Future Hold
? Deals with questions related to personal and general eschatology. Some of the chapters are: What happens after death? Why do we die? What about the Antichrist? Will the temple be rebuilt?

Which Books Belong in the Bible?
Discussion the process by which the books of the Old and New testaments came together in one volume. Discusses the claims of the Apocrypha to be part of Scripture. Introduces some of the writings of the Pseudepigrapha.

What the Bible Says about the Promised Messiah
: A chronological survey of seventy-two personal messianic prophecies in the Old Testament. Available from www.FCC.edu.

Old Testament Survey Series: An intensive survey of all the literature of the Old Testament. These books have been used as textbooks in several Bible colleges over the past twenty-five years. All available from CollegePress.com.
The Pentateuch
The Historical Books
The Wisdom Literature and Psalms
The Major Prophets
The Minor Prophets

Other Works
Preaching Values in the Bible: The discussion proceeds from the largest to the smallest preaching units, with chapters on the major genres of biblical literature. The book is a practical discussion with hundreds of strategies for preaching/teaching. The book advocates preaching through the Bible book by book in every ministry, and presents a simple plan for accomplishing this task.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Pulpit
: Humorous incidents from the long preaching and college teaching career of the author.

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