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Darda Publishing is a company which is restricted to the publication of books, booklets, tracts and other printed materials that deal with the subject matter of Biblical apologetics, Bible history, general, ancient and medieval history, Biblical archeological studies of the Ancient Near East (ANE) as well as Old Testament and New Testament topics, Judaic studies relating to Christianity, Biblical commentaries, linguistic studies and Semitic languages including: Akkadian, Ugaritic, the Canaanite languages, Aramaic and Hebrew.

The idea behind DARDA PUBLISHING came about when its creator and founder began to realize the need for new authors to have opportunities to have their works published and distributed to the general reader. It is difficult for any new author to become established or have his work in the public arena. Darda's hope and goals were to encourage such writers to get started at a minimum cost. Darda is now a non-profit organization which is striving to help educate people about the Bible and Bible related fields.

Darda is dedicated to conservative objectives and goals and adheres to the apologetic approach except on rare occasions, such as children's books or humorous works. Each work submitted is carefully reviewed and considered and chosen at the discretion of the company.

The founder of Darda Publishing originally had hoped to self-publish various works but decided to expand that purpose to help other writers by self publishing or helping others to advertise their works.

Many books on the Darda site may not be published by Darda but are listed with their links to other sites where they may be purchased. Darda only sells books published exclusively by Darda and receives no remuneration for other books on the site; however, it offers this as a free service to other conservative writers.

The history of the name "Darda” and the reason for the name and logo of the blue owl have a very interesting background.

The blue owl logo was an original design created by the artist, Wozie, for Darda Publishing. It has a profound meaning to the owner of the publishing company and its founder.

The color blue was chosen as it is the favorite color of Darda's owner and represents the blue blood (blood of royalty) of the historical Darda descendents. It was not realized until later that there are really blue-feathered owls.

Owls represent wisdom, and Darda was considered a wise person (
I Chronicles 4:31). More on that later. Biblical studies make one wise, for wisdom begins with God.


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